The Smallest Human Unit

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Is something you decide on, and something you must accept for yourself.

This life would be all the worst without yearning. Whether I’m trying to make an assurance for myself or a truth, I am not sure, and I am not sure if it matters, because what is said has been said.

If I’ve read more than I’ve lived, than I know nothing of either. Either way, I know nothing of either. The only thing I can know better are people, and somehow this always becomes a funny game that shows itself in the most unexpected matters. Still funny, but uncomfortably human. That’s the closest to comfort we will get.

Nothing is ever said in a vacuum, or under the propensity of universality. These are all pretences, but perhaps you are a much more considerate writer. Still, I think of the smallest human unit. Things as written for the smallest human unit. Perhaps this idea is too romantic, or too idealistic, or too grandiose. But what is there to feeling alive than that?

Much more! But that’s for another time, for which I yearn in anticipation and dread.

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